Let’s Make a Movie!

Vote on every step of the movie making process,

and earn money when the movie does

What movie do you want to help create?

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Birth of ArtBot

io travels time and space to save great works of art.

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Birth of ArtBot: io travels time and space to save great works of art

Ninja Cats: two apprentice ninjas head down different paths

The Last Humans: live-action post-apocalyptic brother and sister survival

Saving Ai: rescue mission in the metaverse for the first true AI

How are WE making a movie?

We are starting with 4 movie ideas. Every 1-2 weeks there will be a new poll where the community will decide which direction the movie will take. First we will narrow down to 1 movie idea. Then we will vote on different story arcs. Then we will vote on character designs, and keep voting on every step until we complete the movie.

You also have the opportunity to financially back the movie in exchange for rights to a portion of the movie’s royalty pool. Earn money when the movie does! When the backing campaign finishes, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be created and distributed to all the backers (don’t know what NFTs are? Click here to find out more - We can also fully manage your NFT if that’s your preference.). As the movie earns money, royalties will automatically be distributed to your wallet. 80% of the movie's revenue will be put into a royalty pool, and the remaining 20% will go to cast and crew!

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How much do you want to back?

Revenue Distribution

Royalty Pool A - 60%

Royalty Pool B - 20%

Royalty Pool C - 20%

Royalty Pool A

For all backers

Royalty Pool B

For Producer and Executive backers

Royalty Pool C

For #letsmakeamovie cast and crew