Revenue Streams

Here we explain all the different ways that creators and consumers will be able to earn money through ArtBot.


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Creators will be able to make their content available for purchase/download, choosing their own price.

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Creators will be able to easily create their own licenses. Setting the terms by which others can license and use their content without having to get lawyers involved. This system will promote collaboration on an unprecedented scale.

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All community curated content will immediately be eligible for ad revenue. ArtBot will have per minute rates. The longer someone views content, the longer the ad break at the end, which means more money in the pockets of creators.

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Creators will be able to set their own subscription policies with multiple tiers, prices, and rewards.

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ArtBot will have a built in system where creators and advertisers can set up sponsorship deals. Creators and advertisers will decide on details themselves, and sponsored content will be labeled.


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Playlist creators will receive a small portion of the contents’ revenue whenever they are viewed through the playlist.

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Content Curation

All content will be curated by the community and curators will be compensated.

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Users can create subtitles for content, and receive a portion of the content’s revenue whenever their subtitle is used.

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Our plans for crowdfunding are revolutionary, but there are also regulatory hurdles and expenses that come along with it. These details are subject to change but we are confident in being able to make it work. With our crowdfunding system, creators will be able to submit pitches, and if the campaign is successful, backers will receive a portion of the content’s revenue when it’s uploaded to ArtBot.